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Dog Parks for your community

Posted on: January 3rd, 2014 by admin

With nearly 40% of US households owning at least one dog, play areas for our four legged friends have become increasingly popular in public places. Dog parks can range in size and design but all share the same purpose: to provide a place where dogs can run freely off-leash and socialize with other dogs. Benefits your dog can get from these specialty parks:

  • Physical and mental exercise for dogs
  • Maintain social skills with other dogs
  • Fun for the owners and families

Dog parks are a community area where dogs and their owners can go and socialize with each other. Often, dog parks contain amenities such as a fenced in area, waste management stations, drinking fountains for people and for dogs, and play equipment such as tubes, hurdles, hoops, ramps, and weave poles, just to name a few. With all these facets to the dog park, your canine is going to love going there!

If you or your community is interested in building a dog park in the NC, SC, or GA areas, Creative Playscapes LLC can help you get your park designed and built. Creative Playscapes has the experience and know how to give you and your four legged friends the ultimate playground. Their experience in building community dog parks includes knowing what equipment (agility and climbing activities are especially fun!) to include but how best to set up the site so the dog park so that it is beneficial to the community and is not an annoyance to neighbors.

Give Creative Playscapes LLC a call at 704-589-7455 to set up an appointment to begin creating your ultimate community dog park!

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