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Mooresville Hair Salon

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by admin

Sometimes we inherit a website from a website company that has gone out of business or their owner has moved to another state and the website owner wants to keep it locally in the Mooresville, Lake Norman area.  The most common acquisition is when the website owner is disgruntled with the service or the webmaster himself.  Customer service does not come easily for some people; it takes a special demeanor to work with the public on a daily basis.

One of the websites we acquired is for a Mooresville Hair Salon; the website was built on a friendly format, WordPress, and transferred fairly easily for us.  WordPress websites work on a MySQL database, so if the current webmaster can provide what we call a “database dump”, which is basically a copy of all the files and the working software, then it is a simple upload and test.

Transferring websites from one webmaster or host to another can be very tricky for a part time webmaster. Many problems can arise and the website owner can get very upset when their website and email isn’t operating.  Hiring a professional website designer that understands hosting and how the server operates is important. Do your research when you’re looking for any service that’s internet related and make sure you’re hiring the right person!

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