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Lake Norman Web Solutions is dedicated to bringing you professional website solutions to help your business take off and sore to new heights! Preparing your business for the outside world has never been simpler with these services we provide:


Web Design

The internet is a powerful tool, more powerful than any other media in the world. With technology always changing, don’t let yourself be left behind. We build beautiful and professional websites that hold to the current standards of the internet, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Mobile and Responsive Design. Don’t settle for less just because you’re a small business.

Graphic Design

There’s nothing like a sharp dressed website! Company branding is a way for people to identify you as a reputable business and it includes logos, the overall look of the website and printed material. We use the principles of design and the vision you have for your business to build a brad that’s perfect for you.

Print Marketing

Though the age is digital, there is still importance in things that are tangible. Don’t network without the materials you need to be recognized and remembered. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the whole package, printing business cards, letter heads, envelopes, and much much more so that you can get your name out there.

SEO Marketing

Known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the key to being seen on the top search engines on the internet such as Google. Let us give you a head start on your competition by optimizing the pages of your website so that you are one of the first websites seen!